About Gary

Hi. My name is Gary.

My story began with mixed messages, childhood sexual abuse, and numerous other losses. When my life began to unravel as a teen, another family took me in and changed the trajectory of my life. My healing journey began.

Eager to help others heal and grow, my heart turned outward. Over the next three decades, I served as a campus minister, a missionary in Japan, an entrepreneur in Hawaii, and a pastor. I'm currently work as an author, hospice chaplain, and grief counselor.

After walking through deep valleys with thousands of people, I can say the following with confidence: 

  • We've all been wounded
  • Healing isn't for sissies 
  • We’re all designed for impact
  • The world needs us
  • We must heal

I'm here to help. I'm no guru or master of anything. I still bear the scars of my wounds. I grieve, get anxious, worry, and battle fear regularly. But I'm healing, and I'm growing.

I invite you to join me. That's what Healing Resources Publishing is all about. We're here to provide practical, sensitive, and encouraging resources designed to meet you where you are and spur you on to the next step of recovery and healing. We care for grieving hearts.  

We know you may have questions. Ask! We would love to connect with you. Feel free to contact us at any time. 



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